Alejandro Medrano Gil


Alejandro Medrano has been working in LST since 2011. His main research areas are  Ambient Assisted Living, and SW quality. He is one of the leading experts in platform development for AAL and eHealth systems; being one of the core developers of the universAAL platform.


Sept 2010– today Master In Telecomunication Systems and Technologies in Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros en Telecomunicación Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.

Oct 2003– Apr 2009 Information Technolgy Engineer in Factulad de Informática of Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

EU Research projects:

2011–2014 universAAL

In this project, my main role is developer of the framework and designer and developer of  AAL services in the area of health and security. I am also involved in the development of the user interaction framework of the platform and I contributed in organizing an international competition on AAL systems called EvAAL (

From September 2013 to end of January 2014 I worked in the “Elite” workforce called uR-team, colocated in Darmstadt along with other 4 members. This initiative aimed to accelerate the maturity of universAAL for the real environment being prepared for ReAAL, making sure both the universAAL and ReAAL requirements were technically meet.

May 2012 – Jun 2012 SaveME

I briefly contributed in this project as network consultant, designing the access network, and overseeing the implementation of it in the pilots.


2014–Jul 2016 ReAAL

As universAAL expert, I am part of the platform developers offering technical support, and platform maintenance. As a Researcher I participated in all the process of evidence gathering and validation. And as active member of the universAAL comunity I also participated in disemination actions, as well as the definition of the universAAL IoT coalition.

2015 — today InLife

As universAAL expert I participated in the definition of the InLife framework, with special emphasis on the security and privacy modules, which were contributions to the universAAL platform.

Contact details

email: amedranoat lst tfo upm es


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