Alessio Fioravanti


Alessio Fioravanti is M. Sc. Computer Science Engineering. He received the MPhil degree at the Technical University of Madrid in 2010. He is enrolled, since 2007, in the management and technical development of Scientific & Technical Projects dealing with e-Health research. He is expert in information platforms and technologies for monitoring chronic disease patients through intelligent biomedical wear, wireless technologies and mobiles platforms. He is also involved in communication protocols, interoperability of personal health devices and sensor communication. He has collaborated in several R&D co-funded projects such as ICT-2007-1-216270-METABO (FP7), devoted to the study and support of metabolic management in diabetes for both, patients and specialists, as responsible of patient’s empowerment platform. He is actually enrolled in doctoral program with quality award “Biomedical Engineering”. His thesis studies include patient empowerment, prescription adherence, and self-management of chronic diseases as a new paradigm to improve medical outcomes while lowering costs of treatment. He has participated in numerous conferences and workshops for dissemination of projects results and he is the author of several scientific papers and a handbook in biomedical telemetry.

Current projects: COGWATCH

Former projects: METABO


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