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Juan B. Montalvá



Juan B. Montalvá is M.Sc. in Telecommunication Engineer from the Technical University of Valencia and M.Phil in Bioengineering from the Telecommunication Engineering Faculty at the Technical University of Madrid. He also holds a Master in Domotics from the Technical University of Madrid and a Postgraduate course in Design for all and Accessibility to ICT technologies from the Industrial Organisation School (EOI) of Madrid.

He joined the group Life Supporting Technologies in 2004, where he is currently pursuing the PhD degree in Bioengineering. Currently, he is actively participating in three project funded by the EU in the seventh framework programme in the area of e-Inclusion and AAL (CLOUD4ALL, UniversAAL and ReAAL), participating in the evaluation and training with users. He is the author of several scientific papers in national and international conferences, and he has participated in numerous conferences and workshops for dissemination of projects results.

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mail: jmontalva@lst.tfo.upm.es
Skype: juan.montalva
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