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Open Accessibility Everywhere: Groundwork, Infrastructure, Standards

The ÆGIS project seeks to determine whether 3rd generation access techniques will provide a more accessible, more exploitable and deeply embeddable approach in mainstream ICT (desktop, rich Internet and mobile applications). This approach is developed and explored with the Open Accessibility Framework (OAF) through which aspects of the design, development and deployment of accessible mainstream ICT are addressed.
The OAF provides embedded and built-in accessibility solutions, as well as toolkits for developers, for “engraving” accessibility in existing and emerging mass-market ICT-based products, thus making accessibility open, plug and play, personalized and configurable, realistic and applicable in various contexts; ÆGIS is placing users and their needs at the centre of all ICT developments.
Based on a holistic UCD, ÆGIS identifies user needs and interaction models for several user groups, (users with visual, hearing, motion, speech and cognitive impairments as well as application developers) and develops open source-based generalized  accessibility support into mainstream ICT devices/applications:

  • Desktop
  • Rich web applications
  • Java-based mobile devices

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