Ambient Intelligence System of Agents for Knowledgebased and Integrated Services for Mobility Impaired users

The ASK-IT integrated project aimed at establishing Ambient Intelligence (AmI) in semantic web enabled services, to support and promote the mobility of Mobility Impaired people, enabling the provision of personalized, self-configurable, intuitive and context-related applications and services and facilitating knowledge and content classification and processing. Accurate localization of the user was based upon the synergic use of GPS and EGNOS signal, as well as their seamless integration with WLAN and other local networks.


ASK-IT user

To satisfy holistically the travel needs of all citizens, the ASK-IT concept went beyond the strict travel tasks and wishes to provide travelers with full environmental control while travelling, enabling them to keep on working, learning, controlling their home environment or receiving personal support services, while on the move. ASK-IT was tested in 8 different European cities, Madrid being one of them.


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