Cloud platforms Lead to Open and Universal access for people with Disabilities and for All

Cloud4all aims to develop a complete new paradigm in accessibility, by replacing adaptation of individual products and services for a person with automatic-personalisation of any mainstream product or service, using cloud technologies to activate and augment any natural built-in accessibility the product or service has, based on a profile of the user’s needs.
Cloud4all will create an infrastructure that will support the creation of solutions that correspond to and respect the full range of human diversity. The infrastructure will enable users to declare requirements in functional terms and service providers, crowd sourcing mechanisms, and commercial entities to respond to these requests.
The need and the aim of the Cloud4all project:

  • New systems need to allow prospective users to access and use solutions not just on a single computer, but on all of the different computers and ICT that they must use.
  • Whereas the lack of accessibility or even the maintenance of the status quo would further increase social exclusion, its improvement can contribute to greater social inclusion.
  • By substantially improving accessibility, we will open up access to, and improve the use of, ICT products and services in general and make opportunities available for older people and for people with disabilities.

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