OASIS introduces an innovative, Ontology-driven, Open Reference Architecture and Platform, which will enable and facilitate interoperability, seamless connectivity and sharing of content between different services and ontologies in all application domains relevant to applications for the elderly and beyond.
The OASIS platform is open, modular, holistic, easy to use and standards abiding. It includes a set of innovative tools for content/services connection and management, for user interfaces creation and adaptation and for service personalization and integration. Through this new Architecture, over 12 different types of services are connected with the OASIS Platform for the benefit of the elderly, covering user needs and wants in terms of Independent Living Applications (nutritional advisor, activity coach, brain and skills trainers, social communities platform, health monitoring and environmental control), Autonomous Mobility and Smart Workplaces Applications (elderly-friendly transport information services, elderly-friendly route guidance, personal mobility services and smart workplace applications).
The resulting integrated systems and services will be tested in four sites Europe-wide (UK, Germany, Italy and a combined eastern site in Greece, Romania and Bulgaria). This will be the ultimate step to evaluate the overall success of the reference architecture and tools, as well as each individual application and to get the required data to optimize the OASIS system and services within the project and beyond.