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The ReAAL project intends to deploy a critical mass of Ambient Assisted Living applications and services for ca. 7000 users in 7 EU countries, based upon the universAAL platform, previously developed with EC support, with the intent of kick-starting the market for interoperable AAL services, applications and devices.

ReAAL logo

ReAAL logo

ReAAL will facilitate the emergence of an AAL ecosystem by showing the platform usefulness, and spreading the related technical knowledge through an associated community of interest. ReAAL will establish a multi-dimension evaluation methodology to measure the impact of the deployment of the AAL ecosystem in terms of the social, economic and health indicators.
Such an ecosystem will, on the one-hand, allow commissioners to make investment decisions knowing that they will have support from other users of the technology, that they are “buying-in” to an open-interoperable eco-system, and that they will avoid vendor lock-in.
On the other hand, the standardised platform will provide application vendors and service providers with a common platform in which they can invest and develop their business. This will be particularly helpful to the SMEs who are typically unable to make the sustained investments necessary to develop complete proprietary systems.


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