Remote health and social care for independent living of isolated elderly with chronic conditions


REMOTE aimed at defining and establishing a multidisciplinary and integrated approach to R&D of ICT for addressing, in a real-life context, identified needs of frail elderly, especially of citizens at risk due to geographical and social isolating situations in  combination with chronic conditions and the coexistence of lifestyle risk factors (obesity, stress, alcohol abuse…).
The project has made significant contributions in the fields of Tele-healthcare and Ambient Intelligence (AmI) by enhancing the elderly’s personal environment with audio-visual, motor monitoring sensors and automation abilities for tracing vital signs, activity, behaviour and health condition, and for detecting risks and critical situations as well as providing, proactively and reactively, effective and efficient support at home.
In addition to this, the project has introduced an innovative open reference architecture and platform that has enabled interoperability, seamless connectivity and sharing of content among all the different applications and services developed.

Entidad financiadora y programa: Programa Conjunto AAL, con cargo al Presupuesto del Ministerio de Industria, Turismo y Comercio así como a los fondos de la Comisión Europea. REF: AAL-010000-2009-15


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