Servicios de Apoyo a la Teleasistencia basados en Televisión Digital Terrestre


T-CUIDA was a TRACTOR/PROFIT project partially funded by the Spanish Ministry of Industry, carried out in cooperation with
Secuenzia Pixels, Ballesol and Carlos III Healthcare Institute. Its goal was to design a Web application based on Digital Video Broadcasting Terrestrial Television to provide support services for independent living of the elderly.

Life Supporting Technologies designed and implemented the services defined to provide entertainment and company for the elderly who spend much time in loneliness. Available services include interactive activities for mental and physical training with encouragement messages and reminders to promote participation, recommendations for healthy living, access to updated nformation and a personalised calendar of events.
All of them are accessible through an easy-to-use interface that only needs a TV receiver, a DVB-T decoder and a remote control specially designed for elderly people.