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Attract’s consortium

Activate Tourism Training Resources for Accessible Cities and Towns

The aim of the Project is to promote meeting, discussion and co-operation among different stakeholders linked to Vocational Education and Training in accessible tourism and subsequent practical exploitation in tourist cities and areas of the trainees’ acquired skills and competencies.

Objectives of the project
A. Improve VET on accessible tourism by presenting and discussing contents, effective teaching methods and tools (including ICT), successful experiences.
B. Allow partners having less experience to know best practices presented by other partners in:
• VET contents and methodologies
• Placement
• Initiatives in urban accessible tourism promoted by different stakeholders
C. Propose a possible action plan to develop, and adopt the most appreciated methods, standard models and experiences in the partners’ everyday activities.
D. Promote further co-operation among stakeholders with the new projects and initiatives building on existing competencies.

The project therefore contributes to:
• Tackle existing shortages in VET in accessible tourism, by improving contents and methodologies, promoting VET on accessible tourism and by opening new career opportunities.
• Cope with the lack of collaboration and networking among different private and public stakeholders involved in accessible tourism, by promoting contacts, discussion, further cooperation and synergies.
• Bridge the gap in the degree of development of VET initiatives on accessible tourism and related outputs in terms of placement, local activities involving trainees, etc between old EU member states and new member states and acceding countries.
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