No One Left Behind

Unlocking student’s full potential through video game development




No One Left Behind is a project co-funded by the EU Horizon 2020 Framework Programme, will allow children to use a non-leisure gaming ‘toolkit’ to develop digital games on mobile devices – with the aim of enhancing their abilities across all academic subjects, as well as their logical reasinong, creativity and social skills.

The “No One Left Behind” project tackles key challenges in the education sector by using the potential of digital games and game-making. The project will unlock inclusive gaming creation and experiences in formal learning situations, underpin meaningful learning and support children to realise their full potential.

NOLB main

To achieve this overall aim, “No One Left Behind” will push the boundaries of digital game playing to form inclusive and participatory game making and design pathways, following these objectives:

· Scaling Pocket Code from a technological research-based initiative to the education market
· Transference of gaming technologies to the New Generation of Pocket Code
· Matching game mechanics and dynamics transference to the academic and didactic curricula/syllabus objectives.
· Stimulating inclusion in classrooms
· Set up European multi-site small scale experimental pilots across European Borders to be performed in primary through to secondary levels
· Evaluate potential monetization paths for the new generation of POCKET CODE

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