Leadership LogoCollaboration with Latin America and Caribbean

The LEADERSHIP project, which started on 1st November 2013 and finished on 31st October 2015, has enhanced the LAC participation in Horizon 2020 by promoting ICT enabling technologies through project events synchronised with policy dialogue meetings, and well-targeted capacity-building events to stimulate innovation and identify LAC priorities in ICT cooperation. The project proposed a radically new approach to engage more actively and strategically in supporting dialogues and partnership building for EU-LAC cooperation. LEADERSHIP set up a LAC-ICT Expert Group as a permanent and sustainable mechanism to support ICT dialogues in the region, providing opinions and recommendations on the basis of high-level input from a wide range of sources and stakeholders, and thus contributing to dialogues on key aspects that until now had not been properly addressed in the political dialogue, such as the coordination of Digital Agendas, ICT regulations and efforts that counterbalance the more restrictive approach to automatic funding in Horizon 2020.