Lose weight the healthy way


Losing weight

Obesity is a medical condition which consists of accumulation of excess body fat that can adversely affect human health. It is mostly caused by ingesting more calories than the body is able to burnup in conjunction with insufficient physical activity. According to the World Health Organization more than 300 million adults are obese and every year 2.6 million people die as result.

The basis of obesity treatment is diet and physical exercise. An effective way to encourage treatment compliance is the use of a virtual clinic environment where the necessary guidelines to treat obesity will be provided. Under such setting the patient would virtually visit the clinic at leisure without being required to take a trip. The virtual clinic is built upon intelligent systems that monitor and control the users’ biological parameters and empower them to achieve their ultimate goal of losing weight in a healthy and controlled fashion. Also, makes use of various technologies to monitor the state of health of users. At the same time the clinic encourages users to maintain high levels of interest and commitment to promote system utilization through games and achievement rewards.

The use of social networks between doctors and patients is another modality of interaction included in the virtual clinics to achieve its goals. The environmental setting provided by this innovative e-health tool, which combines bio-sensor and videogame technologies, is an attractive and very effective means to support physical exercise for the treatment of obesity.