HeartCycle system: tablet, PDA and sensor.

HeartCycle system

HeartCycle: use of the system running

HeartCycle: use of the system running

Compliance and effectiveness in HF and CHD closed-loop management
HeartCycle aims to provide closed loop disease management solutions for cardiovascular disease patients, more specifically, for patients suffering heart failure and coronary artery disease.

HeartCycle project has actually developed two different systems: Heart Failure Management, focused on helping heart failure patients to manage their health condition at home, and Guided Exercise, a cardiac rehabilitation system for patients who suffered a major event – such as myocardial infraction or coronary surgery.

Both systems include applications for patients and health professionals, supporting them in managing cardiovascular diseases in a more efficient way. Professionals have access to all patients’ data, which are integrated and shared with all needed hospitalization units and primary care. Patients and their caregivers have a personalized system that is adapted to their needs, which they can use to control their health status, to be assessed by professionals and to get educational advice on how to improve their self-care.

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