Smart4MD project logoSupport, Monitoring And Reminder Technology for Mild Dementia


The aim of SMART4MD project is to validate a novel patient support tool for patients with mild dementia (MD), helping them to maintain their independence and quality of life.

SMART4MD mHealth application is based on an established and innovative mobile application ( that reminds patients the activities in their treatment plan and allows them to share information with their doctors and carers. The current application will be optimized and adapted for fulfil the needs of patients with MD.

SMART4MD tool will help patients to adhere to their treatment and will allow them share data with their carers and doctors. Also, carers will use the application for monitoring their patients more easily and share their own well-being with doctors. The use of SMART4MD will provide several benefits to patients, carers and specialists, such as: delay patients’ cognitive and functional decline, avoid carers getting exhausted, and reduce costs of emergency care.

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