System and Actions for VEhicles and transportation hubs to support Disaster Mitigation and Evacuation


Over 200 people have died in Europe as a result of tunnel fires in the last decade. 16 fire accidents occurred in road tunnels in Europe from 1986 until 2006. Unfortunately, fire related accidents are not a rare phenomenon in public transportation. In addition to the above, a great threat of our time is terrorism.
Transport hubs and stations are targets of terrorist attacks, because of the easy access and escape for the terrorists and the fact that congregations of strangers guarantee anonymity, but also because regrettably, more people means more casualties.
SAVE ME has developed a system that detects disaster events in public transport terminals/vehicles and critical infrastructures (i.e. tunnels and bridges) and supports quick and optimal mass evacuation guidance, to save the lives of the general public and the rescuers, giving particular emphasis to the most vulnerable travelers.
There are two pilot sites where the SAVE ME systems have been integrated and tested:

  • Gotthard road tunnel in Switzerland, which is a 17 km long single tube. It is the third longest road tunnel worldwide. It is part of the Swiss A2, one of the major European road connections through the Alps, which connects the Italian border (Chiasso) with Germany and France (Basel).
  • The Metro Rapid Transit System, which is operated by NEXUS consisting of two lines, that go through the Metropolitan Boroughs of Gateshead, North Tyneside, South Tyneside and the Cities of Newcastle upon Tyne and Sunderland. The Metro system is the first in the UK to have mobile phone antennae installed in the tunnels.

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