Cancer Patients Better Life Experience

After the primary intervention, most of cancer patients are managed at home, facing long-term treatments or sequelae, making the disease comparable to a chronic condition. Despite their benefit, strong therapeutic regimens often cause toxicity, severely impairing quality of life. This may decrease adherence to treatment, thus compromising therapeutic efficacy. Also due to age-related multimorbidity, patients and their caregivers develop emotional, educational and social needs.

The overall aim of CAPABLE is to combine the most advanced technologies for data and knowledge management with a sound socio-psychological approach in order to develop a coaching system for improving the quality of life of cancer home patients. The system aims at early detecting and managing cancer-related issues and at satisfying the needs of patients and their home caregivers. CAPABLE relies on predictive models based on both retrospective and prospective data (clinical data, data from unobtrusive environmental and wearable sensors, data from social media and questionnaires). Models will be integrated with existing clinical practice guidelines and made available to oncologists.

LST leads the exploitation of the overall project, supports the definition of system requirement and the overall health technology assessment of the CAPABLE system.