Esteban Vega Espinosa

Esteban Nicolás Vega is a mechatronic engineer and a full stack developer from Ecuador, he always loved working with technology and complex systems, robotics and heterogeneous computing. Currently living in Madrid, and being a part of Life Supporting Technology since November, 2022, his focus is to make the world a more accessible place by technology support in every day's tasks through the gradual implementation of industry 5.0.

Past projects include an AI powered cocoa stone mill, reducing the time in which chocolate is made, a puzzle board made for children with ADHD and autism and an e-commerce web page for small entrepreneurs in Quito, Ecuador.

He would like to get a PhD in heterogeneous computing modelling or Industry 5.0 design and manufacturing, and to work in the integration of technology in cuisine without removing the personal touch of the people around it by creating tools, instead of food automation processes.

He is currently working on TOLIFE, a project dedicated towards elderly people, by creating mobile and web applications for users, doctors and data managers and in the technology integration of the new Living Lab.