Manuel Martínez Cebreiros

Manuel Martínez Cebreiros received the degree in Physics in 2015 from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and the M. Sc. in New Electronic and Photonic Technologies from Universidad Complutense de Madrid in 2017.

He specialized in Applied Physics and began his research career during his final degree project on fabrication and characterization of multiband solar cells based on highly mismatched alloys. At the end of his M. Sc., he joined the Computer Architecture and Automatics department at Universidad Complutense de Madrid, where he continued his work on designing and implementing a low-cost and energetically autonomous solar radiation sensor node network for short-term forecasting.

His interest in electronic hardware lead him to move to the private sector, where he got skilled in electronic, PCB and embedded systems design in several areas such as electric mobility, industrial control, railway sector, prototyping for research and urban traffic. Among his main interests are IoT, robotics, artificial intelligence and sustainable development. Currently, he is part of the Life Supporting Technologies Group at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and his work is mainly oriented to the use of robotics for active and healthy aging.