Víctor Vicente Blanco

MSc. Victor Vicente is a Telecommunication Engineer, specialty in Telematics, by Technical University of Madrid (2017) with a Master of Biomedical Engineering (2018) also by Technical University of Madrid. During his undergraduate studies, he enrolled in an exchange program at the University of Liege in Belgium. He is currently Ph.D. student, investigating the applications of telemedicine solutions applied to cancer-related clinic problems.

He worked as telecommunication engineer and developer in BME (Bolsas y Mercados Españoles). He is researcher and developer at Life Supporting Technologies (LifeSTech) research group since 2019. He participated in the development of mobile technologies within the PULSE project (H2020). His research focuses on ICT in the Health domain and specially in cancer-related diseases. Currently, he participates in the H2020 European projects: BD4QoL, designing, developing and integrating point of care solutions for supporting head and neck cancer follow-up; and CAPABLE designing business exploitation strategies and performing validation activities for the CAPABLE solution to improve life experience in cancer patients.