Digital Dynamic Knowledge Platform for Welding in Manufacturing Industries

WeldGalaxy aims at delivering a secure and scalable B2B online platform that connects global buyers with the EU sellers of welding equipment and consumables; thereby enhancing the visibility of EU’s welding products/prototypes/services to global users (via digital marketing strategies) and providing innovative web-based services (e.g. equipment selection and inventory management, digital design/testing of equipment capabilities).
The WeldGalaxy platform provides innovative knowledge based services to streamlines equipment selection process for end-users and allows ‘plug and produce’ digital manufacturing of the right equipment to specified customers’/end-users’ requirements and regulatory compliance. The platform comprises the following components: Dynamic welding specifications and knowledge (through the Knowledge Based Engineering -KBE-tool and chatbot), experimental simulations through pre-defined templates, analytic tools to provide insightful experimental analyses and usability, as well as blockchain based tenders for welding equipment and consumables. The Project supports open Innovation calls to bring on board new testing scenarios and demonstrate the scalability of the platform.
The WeldGalaxy project is a 3,5 years project started in October 2018, and has has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No 822106. WeldGalaxy is driven by an interdisciplinary consortium composed by 11 partners from 8 European countries with complimentary expertise: welding technology, engineering knowledge analytics and modelling, web platform and databases, DLT and open call management.