Alejandro M. Medrano Gil


PhD researcher at the Telecommunication Engineering Faculty UPM. is a highly accomplished researcher, technology innovator, and passionate advocate for open-source solutions. With a robust academic foundation in computer science, including a Ph.D. in biomedical engineering, Alejandro has become a prominent figure in the fields of IoT (Internet of Things) and healthcare technology. he is currently teaching several courses at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, where he imparts knowledge in vital fields like human-computer interaction and Electronic Health Record.

Currently serving as the Technical Manager of the ODIN platform for technology management strategies for the hospital of the future, emphasizing seamless integration and innovation. He is also architect of the G-Lens platform, an integral component of the Gravitate-Health IMI project and the G-Lens system which is designed to personalize electronic leaflets, improving medication understanding and adherence, thus enhancing patient experiences and outcomes. He is also platform leader of the AIOTES software suite, providing interoperability between IoT platforms and tools to deploy, manage and exploit AHA services securely. Alejandro is core developer of the universAAL IoT platform, which is the leading platform for semantic and distributed systems.

As Smart House Living Lab technical manager, Alejandro selects and maintains the technology used in our smart home demonstrator. This includes the Domotic hardware such as KNX devices as well as the technology used for our Virtual Reality room. Other expertise include 3D CAD design, and 3D printing; as well as hardware design with microcontrollers, including custom PCBs, Web and network application, cloud system management, cyversecurity, blockchain and Git.

His collaboration in projects include:

  • universAAL project (FP7), aimed to make it technically feasible and economically viable to conceive, design and deploy innovative new AAL services.
  • Its continuation through ReAAL (CIP) advancing the universAAL platform towards the market with a large scale pilot rollout involving over 5000 users.
  • This line of research continues in the ACTIVAGE project (H2020), a study on IoT for Active and Healthy Ageing with emphasis on interoperability of technology, services, use cases, and business models; evaluating IoT Technologies with 10.000 users.
  • PharmaLedger (IMI) the first blockchain for supporting the whole pharmaceutical process, from trials, to verification of drugs, including supply chain monitoring.
  • GATEKEEPER (H2020) a healthcare platform of AI services, deployed in 11 pilots across Europe and Asia with up to 65.000 users.
  • ODIN (H2020) laying out the hospital of the future through technological integration of IoT, Robotics, AI and Data; for clinical, logistical and emergency needs in 6 hospitals across Europe.
  • Gravitate-Health (IMI) Empowering and equipping Europeans with health information for active personal health management and adherence to treatment.