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New approach to support innovation processes in the health sector:


To promote, improve and add value to the challenges of innovation of products and services in the health and health sectors, support innovation processes in the most relevant segments of the market and enhance the chances of success in innovation.

Joint work

We know that working together gives you access to the best results. For this reason, we have created a network linking a wide variety of specialized Living Labs and Test Beds facilities across Europe. The EIT Health Living Labs network ensures coverage of the most complex innovation processes throughout the various phases of the value chain.

End users as beneficiaries

We have a premise: the end user is the one who knows best what he wants. We work incorporating the end users to the innovation processes as a key element to guarantee a successful outcome

Quality guarantee

We add the right environment and the required expertise for the ideation, co-creation, development and validation of new methodologies, technologies, services or products for health and healthcare sector.


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