a Living Lab dedicated to technologies for health & wellbeing

It consists of 3 distinct areas

Approximately 100 m² where we can find not only a digital home, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living room, but an open space where any scenario required can be simulated, scenarios such as an operating room or an office, where the user can interact with the environment through natural speech, touch screens, etc.
Which has a unique view of the user through a one-way mirror and holds the communication systems with high bandwidth user area and the Internet and server technologies, environmental monitoring and interaction designed so they are easily expandable and scalable in the future.
Used for studying both, the user interaction with devices prior to prototyping in reality and for training them in their use. A unique and mind-blowing experience, enter a new dimension of thrilling entertainment

Innovation everywhere and for everyone

Our lab consists of various spaces for technological and human interaction, validation with end users, learning and training for professionals in healthcare and other fields, and to promote the creation and transfer of knowledge through technology.

In 2010, this space was founded as the Smart House Living Lab, specialised in home automation, ambient intelligence and scenarios of everyday life. In this area, users test new modes of interaction in a fully domotised space (+50 sensors and actuators installed), with a focus on accessibility and BCI systems.
The Movement for Active & Healthy Ageing, from the ACTIVAGE project and ACTIVAGE.ORG. Here, elderly users interact with the space through different activities following a personalised circuit approaching technology in a friendly way and validating solutions designed for them.
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A place for conversation and direct validation with healthcare professionals, doctors, nurses, caregivers and technology providers. Co-creating clinical decision support, patient monitoring and data processing solutions for the promotion of digital transformation in healthcare systems.
An area for experimentation and design of new forms of advanced human-machine interaction, virtual assistance in physical scenarios and Artificial Intelligence, where users can interact with humanoid robots that can control different elements in the room such as lights, windows, temperature, etc.