Participate and be part of an exhibition to change the world

The photographer Paola Marzotto, promoter of Eye V Gallery together with the Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros en Telecomunicación of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid through the LifeSTech Research Group, announces the BETTER EARTH THAN MARS photography competition, open for entries until 30 January 2022.


The winning photographs of the competition will be on display at the touring exhibition “Antarctica, melting beauty”, created by photographer and founder of Eye-V Gallery, Paola Marzotto, providing an international platform to raise awareness of the environmental problems endangering our planet. The competition seeks to reward images that bring us closer to Mother Nature, symbolise her perfection and lead us to value what we are losing. 

The 3 winning photographs will be part of the exhibition “Antarctica, melting beauty” by the photographer Paola Marzotto, which will take place in Madrid during 2022, with subsequent exhibitions in other places such as Mexico, Hong Kong, Argentina and Singapore, among others. In addition, a prize of €2000 will be awarded for first place, €1000 for second place and €500 for third place.

The images must inspire reflection on the environment, climate change and the connection between humanity and nature. They should be photographs that, through their creativity, artistic intent and poetic sense, inspire people to live more sustainably.

A jury made up of people of recognized prestige in the world of art and photography will be in charge of evaluating the reflection of the theme of the competition, the poetic intention, the originality and the technical quality of the photographs to define the three winners. 

The top photographs will be published on the organizers’ website and social networks to enhance opportunities for exposure and recognition. We therefore encourage all interested parties to participate and be part of this global space to inspire, raise awareness and motivate national and international audiences.

Send your photos to the mail

  • Deadline for submissions: 30.01.2022
  • Open to people over 18 years of age of all nationalities
  • Up to 3 photographs per person

Terms and conditions