A novel home healthcare platform for chronic kidney disease

The mission of CKDSens is to cover a huge unmet medical need by providing a better diagnosis of chronic kidney disease patients while reducing related costs in the health care systems. This is achieved through the development of a new, point-of-care healthcare platform to improve renal patient’s well-being by monitoring relevant biochemical parameters using a single drop of blood. The innovation employs an easy-to-use hardware device and a predictive software that allows patients to discover and monitor their kidney disease progression or status before it becomes more serious and irreversible. The solution promises a less expensive means of monitoring that is easier to use and can be administered by patients themselves.

The CKDSens project is validating this innovation and helping to identify the real market where the product can truly generate value and business. Its expected impact include: increasing the quality of life of patients; delaying the progress of chronic kidney disease; reducing the waiting time in hospitals by more than 20%; improving the monitoring quality; and a reduction of direct the healthcare costs.

The CKDSens project, funded by EIT Health, is a1,5 years project (2019-2020) with a consortium of 8 European partners from 2 different countries (France and Spain).