Cristina López Nebreda

Cristina López Nebreda is studying the B.S. in Biomedical Engineering in Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Spain, specializing in Biomedical Images. Besides that, she is interested in user interaction, interfaces design, UI, UX and Usability.

She has joined the Life Supporting Technologies (LST) group through an academic internship in 2020. Her work consist of analyzing and implementing UCD (User Centered Design) methodologies for the creation of solutions in the areas of Active and Healthy Aging (AHA) in smart environments. Those solutions will be mainly implemented in the Smart House Living Lab which is an area of over 150 m² where e-inclusion (AAL) and e-health (P-Health) services are tested. Her work will start from the analysis of the requirements of each scenario that is defined depending on the user profile to which it is directed, as well as on the technological solution to be created for the identified problem. Low and high-level prototyping will continue. Finally, the iterative validations of the prototypes will be carried out in controlled environments such as the mentioned Smart House Living Lab at UPM.