AI analytics for mental health monitoring in cancer patients

FAITH aims at improving the quality of life of cancer survivals (breast and lung) by identifying depression makers and making cancer survivals more aware of their mental health. For this purpose FAITH federated Learning, Artificial Intelligence and a mobile that remotely monitors the cancer survivals` activity, sleep, nutrition and outlook, to support healthcare providers with advanced warnings, allow timely intervention and receive intelligent post-cancer support.

The FAITH project has three trial sites located in Madrid, Waterford, and Lisbon; which assess and validate the FAITH concept and ensure its usefulness. Overall, the trials involve approximately 350 real end users (both clinicians and patients).

FAITH project is a 3 years project started in January 2020, received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under grant agreement No 875358. FAITH is driven by an interdisciplinary consortium composed by 9 partners from five European countries (Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Italy and Cyprus).