Integrated care program for Type 1 Diabetes patients with continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion system, improved by digital technologies

INCAP provides an integrated care programme for people who have type one diabetes and use an insulin pump. The solution is built on main three pillars:

  • A remote monitoring support centre, to optimise control of the disease for each individual patient;
  • An educational programme to empower patients;
  • A communication channel connecting the hospital to primary carers

INCAP implements an integrated follow-up of type 1 Diabetes Mellitus patients with continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion system, based on continuity of care and patient’ empowerment. It is composed of a Remote Monitoring Support Center, which delivers an efficient and comprehensive service for device management combined with an educational program for patients and their relatives, to empower them for better self-management of the disease, increased adherence to treatment and improved clinical results. The project relies on digital technologies to meet two very important needs, and still not covered in the health care system: to establish a communication channel between the hospital and the patient, based on a feedback system for the patient (after downloading the continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion’ information in their remote monitoring system) and to reinforce the education/nutrition/exercise information received in the hospital, and on the other hand, to establish a coordination system between the hospital and primary care to complete the entire follow-up of the patient, involving all the stakeholders.

LST role was to define, develop and implement an educational program in cocreation with patients and clinitians to empower diabetes type 1 patients.