INtelligent system to empower Functional Independence of people with mild cogNItive impairmenTs

INFINITy is a product that supports the independent living of people with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) while slowing down the progression of the disease. Specifically, it supports people with MCI by safeguarding their independence and autonomy, empowering social participation, self-confidence and security, and preserving functional abilities.

INFINITy stimulates key neural networks necessary to manage daily living activities successfully, maintains brain function and promotes neural plasticity through associative principles to link and potentiate “content-context” relationships that recruit brain regions related to memory processing.

INFINITy product provides a set of services through a smartphone App, a smart wristband and a set of smart cards that allow the user and their relatives to feel more secure and confident while performing daily life activities in indoor and outdoor environments.

On the one hand, INFINITy provides support for the reinforcement of cognitive abilities. It provides automatic messages while the user is walking around the city, nearby one of the following 12 points of interest: park, healthcare centre, pharmacy, marketplace, senior centre, sports centre, library, cultural centre, transportation, city place, religious place and bank. The city sends the user messages to the smartphone in the form of quick games (or quizzes) and reminders / tips on the smartphone App. A notification is also sent to the user smart wristband to facilitate its announcement.

On the other hand, INFINITy provides support to daily life activities through 7 contactless smart cards with different functionalities:

  1. Indicates the battery level of the phone, both on the screen and with sound.
  2. Indicates the current date and time, both on the screen and with sound.
  3. Give directions to get home using the guidance through a map.
  4. Send a pre-defined message to a contact.
  5. Send the current location to a contact.
  6. Give directions to get to a pre-defined place using guidance through a map.
  7. Call a pre-defined contact.

INFINITy was tested in two different pilot sites in Terrassa (Spain) and Lodz (Poland) with 65 people with MCI for 4 months, demonstrating that participants maintained their cognitive level and quality of life during the piloting period.

The INFINITy project, funded by EIT Health, ran for one year and a half thanks to the collaboration of a multidisciplinary consortium of 8 partners from 3 different European countries.