Living Lab

Smart House

The Smart House Living Lab is part of the “Center for Experimental Research in Applications and Ambient Intelligence” (CIAmI), the project’s mission is the development of Ambient Intelligence and all aspects related to prevention, care and promotion of health and well-being, social inclusion and, independent life, and in general for all those people oriented applications and services at all stages of the value chain: training, theoretical research, experimental research, technological development, and technology transfer.

The most important and tangible result of the CIAmI Project is the Smart House Living Lab, with an area of over 150 m², it features modern control technology, monitoring and regulation of the environment, where ideas are born, developed and the most cutting-edge services are tested in the e-inclusion (AAL) and e-health (P-Health).

It consists of 3 distinct areas:

  • User area: approximately 100 m² where we can find not only a digital home, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living room, but an open space where any scenario required can be simulated, scenarios such as an operating room or an office, where the user can interact with the environment through natural speech, touch screens, etc.
  • The Control room: which has a unique view of the user through a one-way mirror and holds the communication systems with high bandwidth user area and the Internet and server technologies, environmental monitoring and interaction designed so they are easily expandable and scalable in the future.
  •  Area of Interaction in Virtual Reality: used for studying both, the user interaction with devices prior to prototyping in reality and for training them in their use.
Technical information
  • Control room with unidirectional vision glass to observe the common space
  • 3D immersive room
  • Bathroom
  • Porch with ceiling outside the common space and control room. With garden and pool with fish and waterfall type fountain
  • Common space that includes:
    • Kitchen
    • Living room
    • Bedroom
Ceiling, floor and walls:
  • Drop ceiling
  • Floor with distributed hidden “holes” with plugs
  • Detachable wall modules
  • Ethernet sockets
  • WIFI
  • High speed internet connection
Sensors and actuators connected rhrough KNX:
  • 2 Flood sensor (in kitchen and bathroom)
  • 1 Smoke sensor (next to the kitchen)
  • 1 Fire sensor (next to the kitchen)
  • 6 Blinds actuator (in bedroom, entrance/living room and kitchen)
  • 4 Doors actuator (entrance, bathroom, living room and kitchen)
  • 2 Light sensor (in bedroom and living room)
  • 1 Alarm detection pull cord (in bathroom)
  • 4 Motion sensor (in entrance, living room, bedroom and bathroom)
  • 6 Magnetic contact sensor (in entrance door, living room door, bathroom door, kitchen door, bedroom window and bathroom window)
  • 2 HVAC systems (in ceiling)
Other equipment:
  • 1 movable IP PTZ camera
  • 5 Environmental microphones distributed across the user dependencies
  • 10 Ceiling speakers distributed across the user dependencies
  • 3 Active RFID readers pluggable to Ethernet sockets
  • Electronic stationary bicycle with embedded computer and actvity monitor.
  • 4 Panel PCs
  • 1 Server for automotation purposes
  • Loquendo ASR Voice recognition software (English and Spanish)
  • Loquendo TTS voices (English and Spanish)
  • Prosyst OSGI Smart Home SDK
Household appliances:
  • Home appliances (Fridge, oven, cook and washing machine automated with Maior-Domo® by Fagor).
  • 37 inches flat television
  • Sony’s Aibo personal entertainment robot dog
Front view - Living Lab
Porch - Living Lab
ControlRoom - Living Lab