Manuel Ottaviano

Manuel Ottaviano has a M.Sc. Computer Science Engineering and a PhD in Bioengineering. He works as senior research manager in the area of digital health and wellbeing in the University of Madrid to push innovation in the field of:
  • Mobile Interventions to promote physical and mental health in patients, healthy or at-risk population to promote behaviour change (nutrition, physical activity, mental wellbeing, emotional control, promotion of sleep hygiene, self-management of chronic diseases, rehabilitation processes).
  • Big data solutions in the domain of precision medicine thought an ecosystem of Internet of Things devices and medical devices, clinical health records and mobile apps, genetic and genomic information.
  • Decision support systems to define diagnostic and prognostic tools for health professionals and tools to assist the self-management process in users, or tools to help policy makers to assess at population level the effect of an intervention.
He contributed to several R&D EC funded projects as MyHeart (FP6-507816), NUADU (ITEA), Psyche (FP7-247777), HeartCycle (FP7-216695), MOSAIC(FP7-ICT-2011.5.2-600914), Nevermind (H2020-689691), Pulse (H2020- 727816): and Spanish funded projects (ES3-CIBER-BNN, ITACA-CM S2010/BMD-2374, FIS PI13/02505).


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