smart childhood Obesity CARing solution using IoT potential

OCARIoT promotes the improvement of eating and physical disorders and the prevention of the obesity onset for children between 9 and 12 years old. An IoT-based personalised coaching solution guiding children to adopt healthy eating and physical activity behaviour has been developed and it combines this information with medical patterns allowing OCARIoT to provide a customised helathy coaching plan while enabling children to remain active and engaged in their well-being and healthy habits management.

The OCARIoT platform incorporates wearables, available IoT sensors in the market and social networking combined with the OCARIoT gamified app for children and the OCARIoT dashboard for families, educators and healthcare professionals. The IoT network allows observing child activity patterns of daily living, health evolution, physiological & behavioural parameters and environmental data aiming to:

  • Record data on nutrition and physical activity through wearables, IoT devices and third-party applications that offer APIs
  • Create open interfaces for nutrition and physical activity data
  • Integration of open info mobility service
  • Create models of healthy lifestyle to provide nutrition and physical activity plans through Decision Support System (DSS)
  • Monitoring of children @School, @Home, @City in 3 pilots: Spain, Greece and Brazil.

The proposed solution will be able to empower children (and also educational staff and families) in taking control of their health by collecting real-time information about nutrition and physical activity, and interconnecting healthcare professionals, children and families in order to adapt the individual coaching plan provided by the Decision Support System (DSS).

OCARIoT also provides the context for small scale experiments guaranteeing feasibility and scalability of the solution, where children are taking care about themselves through games and application for improving education in healthy lifestyle and social inclusion; maiking this ecosystem easily accessible to the general population in their daily environments such as school or home.

OCARIoT is a project co-funded by the European Union`s HORIZON 2020 Programme under the grant agreement nº 777082 and the Brazilian's Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovation and Communication through RNP, agreement nº 3007.