Supporting successful start-ups and linking living labs: Innostars using midstream modulation method

SLIM is an educational project, under the Campus educational programme of the EIT Health. It aims to provide focussed training for healthcare start-ups in the so-called region Innostars at the EIT Health, which includes the following countries: Hungary, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Croatia, Czechia, Estonia, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Romania. InnoStars regions are the more progressive regions within European countries where the overall pace of innovation is still moderate

The goal of SLIM is to support healthcare start-ups to be successful by giving a course on entrepreneurial knowledge and other skills needed to succeed. SLIM provides tailored face-to-face and online training for start-ups and entrepreneurs in the area of healthcare that can benefit from education in professional development related to professional collaboration and strategic business communication. The programme’s unique approach makes use of the Midstream Modulation training method, which helps teams of scientists, engineers and designers transcend a simple technology perspective to adapt a mindset that is more open and entrepreneurial, emphasising collaborative engineering and product development.

Along with remote training, participants receive coaching at three InnoStars Bootcamp locations selected, which are Portugal, Italy and Poland. This programme is intended to fill a gap between Accelerator Bootcamps and real corporate practice. Within the project, start-ups are also introduced to living labs, aiming to make a link and establish fruitful connections that can benefit entrepreneurs by ideating, co-creating or validating their solution.

The SLIM project, funded by EIT Health, is a two years project (2019-2020) with a consortium of 5 European partners from 5 different countries.