Virtual Reality Room

Virtual Reality

The Advanced Multimodal Interaction in Virtual Reality in the VR room, contains a display system that allows interaction in immersive three dimensional graphics presented in high quality and in real time. The system presents the option of an LSHAPED projection, consisting of a dual projection system, front, and in floor or through a Head Mounted Display (HMD) with position feedback and advanced multimodal interaction with the user in real time.

The strengths and features that set this infrastructure apart, besides being able to recreate virtual environments, with the dual projection system or HMD, fully immersive, are the different types of user interaction through the tracking system through tracking cameras active LED, wireless gloves, inertial sensors, Kinect support, surround sound system, multi-array microphone and a single system for tracking movement of wheelchair users. With the necessary synchronization of different equipment and systems can evaluate and study complex scenarios and prevent risky situations and different emotional and cognitive states.

The advanced multimodal interaction system in virtual reality connects to the Smart House Living Lab (with its sensors and actuators distributed throughout the house) creating the union between 3D visualization, virtual environment and real environment, thereby extending the benefits and Interaction the Living Lab room and Virtual Reality room can offer.

This allows, among other things, users to interact in a virtual world connected to a real space where different scenarios can be modeled (digital accessible home, an operating room, an office, etc.). Rapid prototyping and development of products and services with which to develop simulation and training systems. In turn, through this new equipment, in the main hall of the Smart House Living Lab can reconstruct different simulation scenarios and validation of products and services offered by changing their environment according to the interaction defined in virtual environment.

VR Room - 1
VR Headset
VR Room - 2
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