Manuel Ottaviano

Manuel Ottaviano has a M.Sc. Computer Science Engineering and a PhD in Bioengineering. He works as senior research manager in the area of digital health and wellbeing in the University of Madrid to push innovation in the area of digital health in the field of:
  • Mobile Interventions to promote physical and mental health in patients, healthy or at-risk population to promote behaviour change (nutrition, physical activity, mental wellbeing, emotional control, promotion of sleep hygiene, self-management of chronic diseases, rehabilitation processes).
  • Big data solutions in the domain of precision medicine thought an ecosystem of Internet of Things devices and medical devices, clinical health records and mobile apps, genetic and genomic information.
  • Decision support systems to define diagnostic and prognostic tools for health professionals and tools to assist the self-management process in users, or tools to help policy makers to assess at population level the effect of an intervention.
He contributed to several R&D EC funded projects as MyHeart (FP6-507816), NUADU (ITEA), Psyche (FP7-247777), HeartCycle (FP7-216695), MOSAIC(FP7-ICT-2011.5.2-600914), Nevermind (H2020-689691), Pulse (H2020- 727816): and Spanish funded projects (ES3-CIBER-BNN, ITACA-CM S2010/BMD-2374, FIS PI13/02505).